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Minako Komukai and the Hottest Female Fugitives in History

<p>These girls have been very, very bad</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 18, 2011
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This just in: Japanese adult video idol Minako Komukai is now a wanted fugitive in Japan. Minako, by goodness gracious, is running from the law and is currently in hiding in Manila, reports.

Tokyo police has recently issued a warrant for Komukai’s arrest due to the pin-up star-turned-stripper’s involvement in purchase of illegal drugs from a group of Japanese and Iranian drug dealers. Minako, in addition, was once arrested in 2009 for drug possession.

Komukai, 25, reportedly flew to Manila last January, and airline records indicate that she hasn’t left the country since. Rumors are even circulating that she is currently being protected by a Japanese Yakuza based here.

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If this Japanese babe looks fairly familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen her alongside Hideo Kojima in several Metal Gear Solid projects, including doing motion capture for Metal Gear Solid 4. That or perhaps in a series of Japanese soft core flicks.

Pretty in a pickle, we say. Japanese officials is rest assured that the FHM nation will have no problem identifying Minako if we ever see her, given our proficiency in admiring cute Japanese babes.

For the meantime, we give you four other hot female fugitives of the past:

Sada Abe
A prostitute in the early 1930s, Sada met restaurant owner Kichido Ishida, who eventually became her lover. The two once spent four days doing the deed on a love hotel, which sadly, is where the crime took place. Sada and Ishida engaged in breath control play, which accidentally took the latter’s life. Sada then severed his penis and took it with her, citing that it gives her vivid memories. Sada was found by authorities a day later and became a nationwide sensation.

Sada's story has inspired plenty of movie adaptations, including this one:
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