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Mini Cooper

<p>It's Mr. Bean's ride all pimped-up</p>
| Jun 1, 2009
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Just when you thought the British invasion has ceased, here comes one of UK’s greatest pop culture contributions hitting our streets! Rumor has is that come this October, the Pinoy’s favorite car brand, the Mini, will debut in the country. Owned by BMW, the Mini will be distributed by the Autohub group and not, interestingly enough, by the Asian Carmakers Corporation, which is the official distributor of BMW vehicles in the country.

Enough of the nitty-gritty industry talk. What’s important is that you’ll finally get a chance to see them cute cars—in the flesh!—happily trotting along EDSA. Or if you’re one to shoot for the moon, you can have a Cooper for just under P2 Million—or a Cooper S for P2.2Million or a Convertible Cooper for P2.4M, for that matter. Nice one, eh? Want to read more about it? Click here

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