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REALLY, MIRIAM? How Twitterverse Took In Bongbong Marcos As Her Running Mate

So, what should we call them? #BongIam?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 15, 2015
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Are you among those who woke up to the news that Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago has confirmed that Sen. Bongbong Marcos will be her running mate in next year's national elections?

We guess this ultimate team-up isn't happening after all:

"I think we mutually chose each other, our two camps," Miriam told reporters after a speech in Pasay City earlier today, when asked about the matter. "We happen to cross each other, the telephone lines happen to cross each other. It's coincidental. One camp was calling the other camp." 

This comes two days after we were left guessing by the 70-year-old senator after she hinted about her running mate during her well-received proclamation.

(Interestingly, Bongbong shared a throwback photo of him and Miriam yesterday, even if it wasn't Thursday.)

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While many rejoiced with Miriam's declaration that she will run for prez, netizens had mixed feelings about this latest #Eleksyon2016 development:

Some even tried to decipher the reasoning behind the fiery senator's decision.

Others expressed their dismay, and hinted about withdrawing support for Sen. Santiago.

As usual, Bongbong's dark past and allusions to his father's dictatorship couldn't be avoided.

Although this netizen seems to have had enough...

Others commended the pair for their sound judgment, albeit some seemed sarcastic.

Is it because of this?

And then, there's also THIS question...

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At the end of the day, the real issue here is how their campaign manager will include Miriam's name in this brilliant promotional ad:

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