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Misa Campo is FHM’s February Firestarter!

<p>Best believe it, folks.&nbsp; The lady really is right here!</p>
| Jan 27, 2011
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We say goodbye to the very long first month of the year by putting the lovely Misa Campo on the cover of our February issue. And then releasing said issue four days early!
If you think we’re being a tad too eager and a hair too excited, well, that’s ‘cause we are.

FHM staffers have been crushing on Misa ever since we chanced upon this car show model on the internet one lousy, lazy day a lifetime ago.

Soon, FHM staffers were competing against each other, looking for the best photos to turn into a screensaver, a wallpaper, a slide show even.

She gave us a jolt that lousy lazy afternoon; she’s giving us a jolt now.

But Miss Campo ain’t the only internet find in this issue.

Check out Girlfriend of the month Kim Lee, who found us via the wonderful world o’ the web. She went through, found us completely charming, and next thing we know, we were on the receiving end of grace that are her photos.

Misa and Kim are joined by a pretty platoon comprised of Sachi Sanders, Angel Smith, 100% Hotties of yore Kissa Kurdi and Aya Alonzo.

Not a fan of the upcoming Hallmark holiday on the 14th? We believe the “45 Dick Flicks” is right up your alley. Let’s do away with restaurant reservations and traffic and romance and other Dudley things. Let’s instead OD on testosterone and aggression and bromance comedies. Ready up your DVD players, this right here is your movie trip list.

If you have, however, seen everything on the list from Scarface to The Hangover¸ an alternative but equally informative read: “Ferdinand Magellan did not Discover the Philippines.” That’s right, we are debunking popular history with the real, more entertaining pieces of historical events. Hold that snore; this feature will illicit the “onga no” reaction, we promise you.

You know who might not be a fan of Valentines day? The 47-year-old Virgin we met and interviewed for an aptly titled story, “The 47-year-old Virgin.” It may be hard to believe, we know, but that’s exactly why it’s worth your time. Do you believe him when he says, it just happened? Or, is “it just didn’t happen” the more accurate way of putting up with it? Let us know.

For Valentines day fans, a story on Smell might interest you, for that day when you have to be at your most, erm, fragrant.

Pretty packed for the quickie that is the 28-day February! What you waiting for? Grab a copy today!

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