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This Sexy Workout Video Will Make You Want To Hit The Gym STAT!

If this doesn't motivate you to stretch those muscles, we don't know what will.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 29, 2015
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We all have made lame excuses not to hit the gym just because we're too lazy to pick ourselves up from the couch and put in some work. Simply put, the normal bro needs more fitspiration.

And motivation is what you'll get from the Mocha Girls workout video that we're about to show you!

Let this photo tease you serve as a sign of things to come:

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The video was posted on the Mocha Girls TV YouTube channel on January 30, 2014 and has garnered a whopping 1,377,277 views as of this writing. It might have been uploaded over a year ago, but the fact that it resurfaced on our feed proves that the clip is always a must-watch, no matter what year we're in.

The video features Mocha Girls Mae and Seika teaching Mocha Girl trainee Jhoan some effective butt exercises. It's really important for these ladies to train their glutes since they do a lot of dancing, you know.

Anyway, enough talk.


If that doesn't motivate you to burn those calories, we don't know what will.

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