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Mr. Excitement backfires

<p>You’re not perfect, but your tales of shame are!</p>
| Sep 29, 2008
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My pretty and sexy wife was going back from a four-month vacation in the US. Two days before her arrival, I conditioned myself with lots of multivitamins, energy drink and manhood-invigorating meds, hoping they would improve my stamina and performance.So I was an hour early at the airport. I was beginning to feel drained so I took more of those vitamins and energy drink to keep me alive. When she arrived, we wasted no time and headed immediately to the nearby hotel I had reserved earlier. We showered together and went on with the deed. The vitamins were doing their job; my performance was incredible for the first round. But after a short break, it appeared my body could only take so much without rest. I dozed off while my wife took a shower preparing for our next round. I woke up eight hours later while she stayed up the whole time because of jet lag. She kept asking me if I had sex with other girls while she was away because I didn’t seem so excited about it. When I explained what had happened, she burst into laughter and understood.

Ali, by email
Illustration by: Mikke Gallardo

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