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Mystica Is Now Ready To Photoshop Your Face (For A Fee, Of Course)

All hail the new queen of Photoshopping!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 1, 2015
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Mystica is our generation's ultimate multi-dimensional, multi-talented, multi-hyphenated star.

From being the previous decades' Queen Of Splits, the self-proclaimed Rock Diva has branched out to other, uhm, activities. Remember that time she made a seven-hour movie? Or how about her recent deathmatch with Marlene Aguilar? It didn't push through, but that clued us in on Mystica's undying resolve to constantly expand her repertoire.

What has pushed through though is Mystica's new venture: Photoshop services. Yes, buddy, as shared on her Facebook page yesterday, Mystica is now accepting orders for PHOTOSHOPPING YOUR UGLY FACE AND TURNING THEM INTO WORKS OF ART. Below are samples from her page!

You can go for a "NORMAL LOOK"

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Showing her skills off, she treats us to a before and after photos that truly delight the heart.

Here's the before:

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Here's the after:

Along with these, she can also perform facial transplants and paste your head over someone with a glorious bundle of locks:

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Or in the case of the Philippine Church's least favorite Manilenyo, Carlos Celdran, affix your head onto Keanu Reeves' body:

Celdran posted the following comments on one of Mystica's posts, if you're wondering how he got involved:

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Mystica then proceeded to let those Photoshop brushes do the talking.

Again, here's the before:

The after:

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Celdran as a militia man:

Celdran as a cowboy:

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Celdran as a jockey:

Start lining up, people. It's about time we ditch our non-perfect selves and become sexy/glamorous.

Screencaps from Mystica Cassidy's Facebook page.

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