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Nadine Lustre Tells Us How To Solve LQs

Nadine Lustre's got you covered!
| Aug 3, 2015
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Got problems about love? No worries! Nadine Lustre's got you covered.

The 21-year-old actress shared her thoughts about love and relationships with the folks from Men's Health Philippines which featured her in their August 2015 issue.

Check out her #hugotlines below:

On LQs:
“When you’re mad at your partner, take some time to think about what you’re going to say next.”

On Knowing You’ve Found the Right One:
“When I meet the right guy, I’d like to be able to not wear makeup in front of them. And in return, I wouldn’t mind if he burps or farts in front of me.”

On Fixing Relationships:
"It's important to establish trust in a relationship, but you shouldn't be blinded by it. When your gut tells you something, don’t ignore it."

This story originally appeared on Menshealth.ph
*Minor edits have been made by the FHM.com.ph editors

Mikey Agulto for MENSHEALTH.ph
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