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#NameGame: The Funniest Surnames Of FHM's Facebook Subscribers!

This new batch of funny surnames will make your day.
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 4, 2015
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Yesterday, we posted the article "These Unusual Pinoy Surnames Will Make Your Day," which featured amusing Filipino surnames such as "Titiko," "Pepico," and "Regla." These last names are definitely not your everyday de la Cruzes, Gonzaleses, and Santoses of the Philippines.

While other nations might find it rude to poke fun at one's surname, the case is the opposite for us, Filipinos. We're a good-humored bunch, and it definitely showed when we asked you for another round of the #NameGame. You granted our request, and we all had a good laugh.

These are some of the funniest:

USE IN A SENTENCE:  "Hinding hindi natin maikakaila na ang isang FHM reader ay puno ng CABUTIHAN."

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USE IN A SENTENCE: "Nasasaktin rin ako GAYAMO."

USE IN A SENTENCE:  "Feeling sosy ako kagabi kaya nag-check in kami ni babes sa RAFOLs hotel sa Makati."

USE IN A SENTENCE:  "PACANA ni Mayor ang bagong man-made na BUCAL sa park." 

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USE IN A SENTENCE:  "Nag-beastmode na naman 'yung ARROGANTE na driver."

USE IN A SENTENCE: "MALAY...ang tawag sa mga pinakauna nating mga ninuno."

USE IN A SENTENCE:  "Lagi kong ipinagmamalaki ang tatay kong SIEMEN."

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USE IN A SENTENCE:  "Luke, I am your FAJADA."

USE IN A SENTENCE:  "Manong, it's already baha in our driveway—can we just use your BALZA?"

USE IN A SENTENCE: "Ang mga taong walang kinikilingan ay mga taong walang BAYAS."

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USE IN A SENTENCE:  GUY 1: "Pare, pagod ka na ba?"
GUY 2: "Hindi pa naman masyado, p're. YONTING PAGOD palang.

USE IN A SENTENCE: "Nag-PARRENO ako ng lisenysa ng USI ko kahapon."

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USE IN A SENTENCE: "At malapit na rin ako mag-PARRENO ng PASAPORTE ko."

USE IN A SENTENCE: "Kanina pa ako dito. NARITO ka na rin ba?"

USE IN A SENTENCE: "Berto, lumabas ka na riyan. NARITO na ang ABOGADO mo."

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USE IN A SENTENCE: "At NARITO na rin 'yung kaibigan mong CAOLBOY, este, si CAOLBOY." 

USE IN A SENTENCE: "Babes, hindi na ako galit. BATE na tayo."

USE IN A SENTENCE: "Bye, friends. *Beso-beso*. SIA!


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(Hey, Rico, sorry to hear that you were teased about your surname back in school! We promise we won't poke fun at it again!)

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