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NASA Discovers Solid Evidence Of Flowing Water On Mars--What's Next?

Martians, perhaps—but not of the Matt Damon, Marvin, or Manhunter kind.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 30, 2015
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ICYMI, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently announced that it has found solid evidence of "liquid water" on Mars:

This awesome progress was made possible by probes, like the Mars Rover, deployed by NASA to the red planet.

It was said that water—which with the help of salt solutions prevent it from evaporating at a relatively low temperature—flows from canyons and craters during the planet's summer.

This led to us wonder: Aside from the discovery of a probable indication of life on the planet, what other things or beings can scientists come across in the near future on Mars?

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We're thinking maybe...


Maybe its hypothetical inhabitants are indeed real. But certainly not of the Matt Damon, Marvin, or Manhunter kind.

GIF via


Imagine a whole planet made up of... *drools*

Photo via Mars Bar's Facebook page

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...plotting another invasion, in honor of their god of war.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


...and a little bit of funk 'n' dancin'!

Seriously though, a discovery of this scale means that, yes, our overall technology has advanced to levels that enable us to explore places outside our home planet. And while we may still be dreaming of finally socializing with little green men, our continuing scientific advancement means that exciting discoveries await us.

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Sit back and enjoy the ride, fellow humans!

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