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NBA 2K14, Now Out! You Know What To Do!

The year's most awaited sports game is back!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 1, 2013
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For many Filipino gamers, October has always meant one thing: the arrival of the next title in 2K Sports' beloved NBA 2K series. We love videogames, and we love the NBA; put the two together, and you've got something that we'd spend a night falling in line for. Although we probably don't have to, because stocks of the game are in no short supply.

This is in no small thanks to X-Play Online Games Inc., the country's official distributor of this year's 2K game, NBA 2K14. Today, October 1, at an event held at Bugsy's restaurant at The Fort, X-Play officially launched the much-awaited title to a crowd that couldn't wait to go home so they could skip the rest of the day, and just plop down on the couch and play.

We got ours too, so expect our own review in the coming days. As for every self-respecting FHM guy reading this article right now, you know what to do: go to the nearest video game shop and cop your own 2K14 (hint: it's the one with LeBron James on the cover!)

Now, in case you absolutely cannot wait, here's a preview of what it's like to ACTUALLY HAVE THE GAME IN YOUR HANDS. Below is our five-step pre-game ritual every time a new version of NBA 2K finds itself in our grubby paws:

1) Smell the plastic

2) Rip the plastic with no regard for human life!

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3) Look at the plastic you've just stripped the game of, and be filled with excitement as you tell yourself: "It's really here, and I am so close to opening NBA 2K14."

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4) Pretend to read the manual.

5) Inspect the disc, and take a meta-selfie of you taking a photo of the reflection of you taking a photo of the disc. So meta!

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6) And lastly, get back to work, and try to sneak out of work early! 

So, we hope that helps with the waiting, fellas. Before we let you go though, we have one last reminder. Be sure to join X-Play's Pre Order Promo for NBA 2K14 where X-Play will be picking two winners of two tickets each to the NBA Global Games on October 10, 2013 featuring the Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers. The promo will end on October 3, 2013. You can click on this link for the full details: 

NBA 2K14 is now available for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Prices are as follows: P2,395
for the PS3, P2,195 for the Xbox 360, and P1,295 for the PC.

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