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NBA Fantasy

<p>It's your chance to own and manage your very own NBA team!</p>
| Oct 16, 2009
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What is Fantasy Basketball?
Simply put, fantasy basketball is a game, normally played on the internet, where everyday Juans like you and me get a chance to own and manage a team of real-life NBA players. Obviously, it’s not a real team. And we don’t actually pay the millions and millions of dollars that make up these players’ salaries. That is why it’s called “Fantasy.” [firstpara]We get to own these players in a make believe league and compete against other managers who have their own roster of players. The object of the game is to form a team of NBA players whose compiled real-life statistics are superior to that of the other teams in the league.

There are a gazillion of statistics that leagues can track that it can get overwhelming to look at sometimes. Generally, most leagues track eight or nine basic statistical categories that are then compiled and accumulated. They are:

1. Total Points Scored (PTS)
2. Rebounds (REB)
3. Assists (AST)
4. Steals (STL)
5. Blocks (BLK)
6. Three Point Shots Made (3PTM)
7. Field Goal Percentage (FG%)
8. Free Throw Percentage (FT%)
9. Turnovers (TO)

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The first six statistics are what are called the “counting stats.” The stats each of your players generate in those six categories are added up and then they represent the total for your team.

The seventh and eighth categories are percentages. They are computed for your team as a whole. Okay, let's do some math: To calculate your team’s percentage in either category, divide the total number of shot attempts by the total number of shots made by all your players.

The ninth, and sometimes optional category is a negative category, meaning the fewer turnovers your players generate, the better. Turnovers represent how well a basketball player handles or takes care of the ball and adds a level of realism to the competition.

Okay, it sounds interesting. How do I get started?
First of all, you will have to join a fantasy basketball league. You can, A) invite some friends and form your own league or B) join a public league on say, Yahoo Sports or ESPN, which by the way, are the two most popular sites for fantasy basketball. They are the best for first-time fantasy managers, as well.

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