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Netizen Mocks Arguments Of Marcos Apologists With Spot-On 'Harry Potter' Analogy

This individual would make even Dumbledore proud
by John Paulo Aguilera | Nov 21, 2016
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So much has been said regarding the "surprise" burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani last Friday.

As expected, many were up in arms about the supposed blitzkrieg service of the Marcos family and its supporters, prompting them to head to the People Power Monument over the weekend.

Though for every revolutionist, there is an apologist ready to defend the legacy of the man they called "Apo Lakay." The only problem is how they respond to those who oppose their ideals, using a somewhat crooked line of reasoning.

And it isn't hard to distinguish a Marcos supporter from an anti-Marcos crusader, especially on social media. Case in point: A Twitter user decided to have a little laugh with the way these people reply, using some hilarious Harry Potter references to get her point across.

The only time this kind of answer will be funny

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All you have to do is replace one name with another

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Such a flawed generalization


For those who believe that Facebook is more credible than books

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Actually, we don't have to know him personally to know how rotten the Dark Lord is

If only they could realize how ironic this statement is

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