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'Zenaida Seva' Delivers Epic New Year Burn Vs. Sass Sasot

The sweet comeback was from a funny parody account of the famous astrologer
by Andrei Medina | Jan 2, 2018
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Pro-Administration blogger Sass Rogando Sasot is back, making some noise following her “major blogger” BBC brouhaha last November. Apparently, the blogger decided to start 2018 with this controversial tweet:

Being it's the start of the new year and all, some netizens who were in a good mood helped Sass out with a handful of examples:


But then came this sick burn from a parody account of Zenaida Seva, the renowned astrologer and star sign reader:

Meanwhile, other netizens just laughed it off with witty replies to Sass’ question.

Sasot made headlines in November after she confronted BBC journalist Jonathan Head with various allegations during the start of the ASEAN Summit.


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