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New Apple products in the market

<p>Music is for everyone, Apple seems to be saying</p>
| Sep 22, 2009
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Apple recently introduced the new and improved iPods available in the market. Headlining the release is the new iPod nano. The 2009 version now has a video camera, a mic and speaker, allowing you to shoot videos from the hip, view them on the 2.2-inch video display, and use your computer to upload on youtube. It is available in 8gb (about 2000 songs) and 16gb (about 4000 songs) and provides 24 hours music playback and 5 hours of video playback.

The new line of the iPod Touch meanwhile, aims to make you a happy camper. How? By making it easy on the pockets. The 8gb variant retails for just about P11,490. The newer 16gb model retails for the same price. The 32-gig is priced at P11,490, while the 64gb is at P23,490.

The iPod touch, which allows users to surf the web, send emails, manage calendars, and organize contacts, is practically a pocket computer. The new models also has some of the latest iPhone software such as cut, copy, paste; Spotlight, and MobileMe.

And lastly, if you have about P3,000 to spare, you can get yourself an iPod shuffle. It even has a VoiceOver feature that lets the world’s smallest music player tell you—as in speak to you—the title, artist, and playlist names.

These new Apple products are available through Apple Stores and authorized Apple resellers.

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