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Man Reads: 5 Books To Enhance Your Man-IQ In 2014

Get off the Internet, and read offline!
by Chiara Cui | Jan 30, 2014
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Do you like books? You know, those things filled with pages with words written all over them that sometimes tell a cool story. In this TL;DR (too long; didn't read) generation, it's getting harder and harder to sit the heck down, just read, and completely ignore that cool, new Buzzfeed link your buddy just posted.

But we aren't about to give up. We're going to read an entire book this year, and tell chicks all about how we read that book. To give us the best chance of doing so, we've compiled below, five breezy reads written for the man that's looking to be a whole lot smarter on a boatload of things from food to fistfights to fights with the girlfriend!


By Eddie Huang

The wildly amusing and irreverent chef of popular Taiwanese NY-based resto Baohaus, Eddie Huang, deserves a memoir. His highly addictive show Fresh Off the Boat won over foodies and pop-culture aficionados. He talks about growing up in Orlando and getting called a “chink,” his obsession with sports and hip-hop, and some of his first forays into food.

Why read it: He’s the American Dream—proving that with a truckload of talent, even you could have your own show.

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By Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan argues that when you cook, you “take the power back” from corporations that make money off of making you sick. It's life-altering stuff. He explores the elements—fire, water, air, earth—and uses them in the kitchen.

Why read it: You’re a grown-ass man! Getting take-out will not do your waistline (or wallet) any favors.

By W.C. Heinz

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The story of boxer Eddie Brown’s quest for the middleweight championship of the world. First published in 1958, it has been called one of the greatest sports novels ever written. And just like every other great novel, the metaphors and subsequent lessons you learn from them are plenty.

Why read it: Papa Hemingway called it “the only good novel I’ve ever read about a fighter.”

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First appeared in FHM Philippines' January 2014 issue
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