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FTW News: This Might Just Be The Hangover Cure We've All Been Waiting For

Listen up, fellow boozers!
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 7, 2015
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Ah, hangovers. The bane of boozers. The realization of the phrase "Nasa huli ang pagsisisi" after a night of liver torture.

We've learned to live with it though, coming up with so-called "cures" like black coffee and eating greasy, calorie-ffic dishes like bacon and steak. Too bad that, while some of them might work a bit for certain people, these are by no means official hangover busters.

Yes, we're still waiting for the day something gets the job done...and that day may have finally arrived.

This is potentially the biggest alcohol-related news you'll hear this year.

Cue epic drumroll:

hangover cure
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We're not talking about a new, wonder tablet that magically whisks away the condition. We're talking about the humble pear juice. Researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization reportedly found out that subjects who consumed around a cup (220ml) of Asian pear juice before chugging down alcohol had fewer and/or weakened hangover symptoms the next day.

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The drink also exhibited anti-inflammatory properties, which possibly means less painful or even no headaches at all. However, the biggest improvement came in the subjects' ability to concentrate even after a bout with alcohol. Rejoice, all you drunkards who don't care if there's work/school tomorrow!

Here's the thing: The researchers aren't quite sure what's behind the pear juice's hangover-limiting abilities. However, the team's lead researcher, Manny Noakes, noted that it has enzymes that speed up the processing of alcohol within our bodies and somewhat inihibits alcohol absorption. Nice!

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That being said, pear juice is still not a sure-fire way to prevent hangover. The research did not say all symptoms were gone, or that it works for each and every one of us. So, the best hangover cure remains to be to not drink at all.

Sad, but at least pear juice has potential, and it's not as if it's poison (it has lots of other benefits!). There's no harm in trying, right?


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