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Nica Ricario - FHM 100% Hottie November 2012

We love that she hates interviews, yet she spills out her guts out to us anyway
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 5, 2012
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We’ll have you know one thing regarding just about every babe that ever signed up for FHM: More than the skimpy outfits, soul-baring poses, demanding photographers, and disapproving boyfriends and parents, models cite the interview process as the most dreaded segment of a photoshoot.

They often ask: “Uy, kailangan ba talaga yung interview? Natatakot ako sa itatanong niyo!” To which we always respond, sounding all too comfy and reassuring: “Basic questions lang, huwag kang mag-alala.” The best of them totally know that’s not the case. The best of them aren’t also even remotely convinced. But the interview happens anyway, and before we know it, steamy stories are being told; explicit details are being volunteered. FHM staffers are quite the confession keepers, and it’s a burden of an honor.

This brings us to our point: FHM 100% Hottie Nica Ricario may very well be the quintessential exemple of this very insight. A clear-cut natural in front of the lens but a timid figure in the presence of an audio recorder. (She's also quite a sexy chitchater off the record.) Nica is a bearer of the most intriguing stories, capable of making us chuckle and squirm all in a span of a single sentence. “Atin-atin lang yun ha!” she often exclaims. We touch pinky fingers and shake hands in agreement.

Except we’re making laglag of our hottie this month. Nica's spills are too awesome to be left on the sidelines. Like we said, it's a burden of an honor! Apologies in advance, madam. We're just doing our job!

Our 100% Hottie shoots are not for the faint at heart. Where do you find the confidence to pull it off?
Sa parents ko. Kasi hindi naman kami pinalaking komportable sa buhay so nang dumating yung opportunity para mag-model, go na ako. Actually yung unang sabak ko sa photoshoots sexy [themes] na agad. Naka-lingerie agad ako, pero hindi naman ako nabigla. I’ve been modeling in front of a mirror since I was 14 . Pinangarap ko rin siya, ha ha!

You dreamt of being a model even from way back?
Nung bata ako malandi talaga ako eh, ha ha! Mahilig ako sa mga damit na maiigsi talaga. Mahilig din akong mag-ayos.

Wearing the skimpiest clothes possible, how do you hold off those ogling eyes?
Minsan ang ginagawa ko na lang kapag may nakatingin sa akin binibilang ko na lang.Uy, one! Uy, two!” Ha ha!

We've been told you also moonlight as a make-up artist. Fancy!
Yes, kaka-graduate ko lang from a makeup course abroad. Before pa, marunong talaga akong mag-makeup sa sarili ko. Napagisipan ko na mag-aral para ma-enhance pa. As soon as I graduated may kumuha agad sa akin na client, si Danica Torres! Ang location pa nga namin nun was in Batangas.

Before anything else, do we have to watch for disapproving boyfriends?
Single ako ngayon, kaka-break lang namin.

We hope it doesn't have anything to do with this shoot?
Ah hindi, wala naman kinalaman, ha ha!

Now that you're available, what should guys do to catch your fancy?
Simpleng tao lang ako, ha ha! Kasi yung ex ko ang ginagawa lang niya is dinaan ako sa hatid-sundo, araw-araw. Saka gusto ko ng mabait, yung kahit masigawan ko pa okay lang sa kanya.

How are you as a girlfriend? Are you the jealous type?
Hindi ako masyadong selosa. Selosa lang ako kapag nakita ko in the act [of cheating]. Pero kapag hindi, walang kaso sa akin.

Wait, you'll only be jealous if you catch him cheating? That's a bit...different. Have you been cheated on in the past?
Nangyari na sa akin, ha ha! At gumanti rin ako, ha ha! Nahihiya akong magkwento! Yung ex ko before this last one, siya yung unang nag-cheat sa akin. He cheated on me with his ex–I didn’t know na nagkikita pa pala sila. Pinapadalhan pa niya ng roses and teddy bears. Eh makalikot akong tao so nakita ko sa Twitter niya yung post ng babae.

So you got back at him?
Parang ganun! Nung time na inaayos na niya yung sa amin, sabi ko may iba na akong nagugustuhan. During the time nung kami pa ng ex ko na ito, nagkikita na rin kami nung other guy.

Experts say it ain't technically cheating if it's with an ex. Do you concur?
Hindi ko alam. Siguro kung meron akong bagong boyfriend ngayon at nalaman niyang ganun, cheating na rin yun.

How many times would you allow a guy to betray your trust before you dump him for good?
Actually meron akong quota, hanggang isa o dalawa lang. Kapag umulit-ulit ka pa sa panloloko, ayoko na. Next na! Ha ha!

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