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Nightmare Fuel: Man Almost Loses His Leg Due To A Spider Bite

WARNING: Graphic image ahead.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 2, 2015
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(WARNING: Graphic image ahead.)

Jonathan Hogg
was well on his way to his dream vacation. He had long imagined swimming with the sharks in the seas of South Africa after volunteering in an orangutan center in Borneo. The 40-year-old legal director of a tech firm had everything planned out for his grand once-in-a-lifetime vacay.

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From Doha, Qatar, he took a Qatar Airways flight to Cape Town, South Africa, ecstatic of all the awesomeness waiting for him—only to find out that fate had something else in mind.

On the plane, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his left leg. Seconds later, he saw a spider running across the floor.

Mr. Hogg recounts what happened on the website Mirror.

"It was that time on the flight when they turn the lights down so people can sleep. I was near the emergency exit and went to stretch my legs out. I crossed my right leg over my left leg to get comfortable and that's when I felt the bite. It must have crawled up my trousers and got trapped.

I asked for the lights to be turned up and saw the spider, but I didn't connect it with my painful leg because it was so small. At first I thought it was deep vein thrombosis as I was at the end of a 36 hour journey."

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After a couple of days, that small bite turned into a big bruise, and eventually developed as a wound from hell.

"The pain was like nothing I've been through in my life. By the time I got to hospital my leg was bursting open, there was pus, it was black," shares the traumatized lawyer.

The doctors told him that he might have been bitten by a poisonous brown recluse spider, which he believes happened during that fateful Qatar Airways flight from Qatar to South Africa.

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Upon seeing the seriousness of his injury, the doctor immediately rushed him into surgery. They took away a large amount of flesh from his leg that had been eaten away and infected by the deadly spider's venom. He went with three operations in total.

"It really hit home when they removed the bandages and I saw what was left of my leg—it resembled something from a horror film. They had been forced to cut away so much, I was devastated."

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Jonathan is currently recovering from surgery. The terrifying incident also made him develop a fear of flying. He's suing Qatar Airways for his misfortune.

So, gents, next time you see a spider. RUN!

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