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Guns, Grenades, And Tees: CCTV Footage Offers Rare Look At Today's NPA

The NPA is about to celebrate their 46th founding anniversary, here's a rare peek at what the rebel group's forces look like today.
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 26, 2015
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ICYMI: About 50 members of the New People's Army (NPA) attacked a police station in Mati City, Davao Oriental. The incident happened more than a month ago, on the evening of February 15 to be exact.

The attack, which is being linked to the upcoming 46th-year anniversary of the rebel group on March 29, claimed the lives of four soldiers. While it's little consolation compared to the bloodshed, a CCTV video of the firefight has now surfacedsomething the authorities could use in getting more info on the insurgents.

Skip to the 7:40 mark and press play:

Video via GMA Kapuso

Scary scenes right there!

Come to think of it, the said video also sheds some light on what many of us are clueless about: How NPA troops look like now and what arsenal do they carry when they're on a mission. Sure, they've been at war with the Philippine government for many years now, but their appearance remains largely a mystery to the common, city-dwelling Pinoy.

So, what have we learned about the NPA of today? We learned that...

They still don't wear helmets to battle. Some of them wear some sort of cloth over their heads while others go commando up there.

npa troops

It's still not unusual for a member to wear a simple tee.

npa troops

Despite the dress-down uniform, they have legit firepower which includes high-caliber rifles and rocket launchers, among others.

npa troops

Boots, long-sleeves, and jeans are still a common sight...

npa troops well as grenade-holding, body-hugging straps.

npa troops

In terms of grooming, the "Namundok Look" is still very much a fad.

npa troops

So, nothing new really.

Although their forces may have dwindled (from a high of 25,000 to the current estimate of 4,600), the NPA troops still carry a scary amount of guns and don't follow a strict bakbakan dress code—yep, pretty much the same way the movies and old news videos presented them. The footage though reveals an important detail to our government: Some of the communist group's soldiers are not exactly battle-tested, as shown by this part of the clip:

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