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Take A Wild Guess At What That Blurry Object In The Photo Is

This photo trend is completely nuts.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 9, 2015
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There's a dark force that has been on the Internet for years no one knows about…until today that is. That dark force is called "nutscaping," a themed photo which involves snapping an image of a portion of your balls (yes, your testicles!) in front of beautiful scenery. 

Tagged as the "selfies for real men," nustcaping started in New Zealand in 2007. But how did it begin? Founder and American artist Clancy Philbrick told the site Daily Dot that he was shooting some typical landscape scenery in New Zealand in the said year. Then, he felt a strange urge to include his balls in the shot—an experience he so succinctly describes in the Daily Dot article: 

"While on top of a mountain looking out at this amazing concave glacier in the distance, I felt a great gratitude for my surroundings and a primal urge to connect on a deeper level with Mother Nature. The next thing I knew, I was taking a picture of my balls dipping into the negative space above the glacier," he said.

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After the ballsy, new age-y epiphany, one of his buddies whom he shared the photos with found the nut shots interesting. His friend started shooting what they'd coin as "nutscapes," an obvious portmanteau of "nuts" and "landscape." Together, the two started positioning their balls over beautiful landscapes to take the, erm, nuttiest landscape photographs in existence. 

As of writing, there are now roughly 400 #nustcaping photos over Instagram and about 300 on Twitter, with the theme having caught on with a number of netizens. It's not exactly an internet-breaking phenomenon, but you can sleep easy at night knowing that there are people like Clancy and his friend framing the world's most beautiful landscapes in a way you could never have imagined. 

Some people probably consider it art; we'll consider them for what they are: fucking hairy albeit out-of-focus balls ruining perfectly beautiful scenery.

Look (but don't if you're eating):  

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Think you could be a great "nutscape" photographer? You can send an entry on their website. Here's how:

1)   Find an awesome-looking place. 

2)   Drop your pants.

3)   Bend over and shoot through your legs with your balls hanging out, and ruin the awesome-looking place.

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