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Oh, the intrigues Krista's facing!

<p>Oh, the intrigue!</p>
| Nov 17, 2009
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Well, what can we say? Manny Pacquiao made minced meat out of Cotto. The Pacman now holds seven world titles in different divisions. Hence, he's hot topic. [firstpara] Along with the praises now come the intrigues and the controversies—that always seem to follow anyone who’s gained enough fame. Case in point, Manny. Pacquiao now again swims in torrential waters with his supposed romantic link with FHM August 2008 covergirl Krista Ranillo.

Our ears started to pick up on all that hush-hush talk back in September when Philippine Star entertainment columnist, Ricky Lo teased us with a blind item column about a “crossover superstar (in both sports and showbiz)” who was “a certified ladies’ man,” sharing a flight headed for Hongkong with a certain “Actress K.”

In the same column a couple days later, the blind item was given a name. Yes, “Actress K” is actually Krista Ranillo, Manny Pacquiao’s leading lady in his upcoming movie Wapakman. But Krista denied that they were on the same flight, stating that she only “met him by chance at a mall in Kowloon.”

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It was on the return trip that the people in question shared the same flight, although Krista’s story was that Manny rode Business Class, while she and a friend stayed in Economy. Krista firmly states that it was all just coincidence and she has nothing to hide, and nothing to be guilty about.

Talk is cheap though, and now, a video comes out showing Manny Pacquiao in his chedeng and a woman riding shotgun who’s clearly trying to keep her identity a secret. Of course, gossipmongers point to none other than Krista Ranillo, joining the Filipino champ after his interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show last November 3.

Adding to that, is the controversial Facebook post by veteran actress Gina Alajar: "If I am Jinkee Pacquiao I will not give up Manny... Krista Ranillo is not at all worth it!!!" With this post, the actress may have softened speculations that all this Pacman-Krista talk is just a bunch of publicity bullshit for Wapakman.

But until the final bell rings, or until their movie has been shown, or at the very least until Kris Aquino reveals what was in that shocking message that Jinkee Pacquiao sent her a couple days ago, we will never really know for sure.

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Ah, showbiz. We say, it's better to take a look at Krista's amazing 2008 cover shoot than get caught up in this silly debacle.

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