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Oh yes, another FHM blog!

<p>We're taking your Friday night drunken conversations right here!</p>
| Oct 23, 2009
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Behold: FHM's Man's blog. This is what we hinted at last Monday when we reported TNL's death. As they say in life, one blog closes, another one comes up.

So what can you expect in our Man's Blog? Well, what do you talk about with your bros when you've had three bottles on a Friday night? Girls, sports, that horrendous traffic on your way to the bar, the missus, the basketball game, PBA greats, music, the papers' headlines, altercations with MMDAs, and on and on and on. Everything that concerns the everyman—yes, we're talking to you—you will find in here.

So meet your mates: There's Jaemark Tordecilla, a dude who's been blogging about all the inanities of a man's life for 10 years now. So into blogging this guy is that he's set up his own speciality shop. But anyway, he's here and he's going to talk with you about girls, gigs, politics, that book on sale, the old PBA greats, TVJ, movies.

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And then there's Allan Hernandez, who will echo your stories about being on the road. Hell commuter stories, sudden epiphanies behind the wheel, driving playlists, driving with a bawling three-year-old, he's got your tracks covered.

Lastly, there's Allan Madrilejos, FHM's Editor-in-Chief. We figured if this is a Man's Blog, we should have the EIC of the number one men's magazine here, yes? Besides, he turned his monthly corner in the mag into a space where the staff display their shenanigans, reckon, we should give him space here as a messages-from-the-editor kind of a thing.
[Ed's note: Because Allan is in the middle of a deadline, we're going live without his first post. Stay tuned for it soon!]

So yeah. It's Friday. Let the Friday night conversations begin!

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