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Over 1,000 Violators Caught By MMDA's No-Contact Policy

Filipino motorists really need to brush up on road rules
by Andrei Medina | Apr 19, 2016
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Just four days after the “no-contact apprehension policy” was relaunched, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has already recorded a total of 1,115 motorists with traffic violations under the scheme.

MMDA Chairman Atty. Emerson Carlos said most of the violators were bus drivers who were caught loading and unloading passengers in areas where it’s illegal, Interaksyon reported.

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Carlos added that other recent violations recorded under the policy were overspeeding, counterflowing, beating the red light, and swerving, to name a few.

The no-contact policy was relaunched on April 15 along primary thoroughfares like EDSA, Commonwealth Avenue, C5, Quezon Avenue, and Roxas Boulevard.


With a team of 15 people, the MMDA’s monitoring team records violations through live footages provided by the agency’s 450 CCTV cameras spread all over the Metro.

As the name suggests, no apprehensions will be done to eliminate traffic caused by flagged down motorists. The policy also aims to reduce the opportunity for erring motorists and traffic enforcers to engage in activities involving bribery. The MMDA will then send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle based on the plate number identified when the violation was committed.

The letter contains information including the type of violation, the date, time and location it was committed and a corresponding fine. Upon receiving the letter, violators have a seven-day window to contest their infraction with the MMDA. A final notice will be sent afterwards.

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If ignored, the MMDA will forward the details of the violator to the Land Transportation Office to prevent them from renewing their registrations.


Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

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