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Know Oxford Dictionary's New 'Philippine English' Words!

Because apparently, the terms "carnapper" and "presidentiable" aren't even legit English words!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 30, 2015
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What are "Philippine English" words, you might ask?

One of the contributors for Oxford English Dictionary's (OED) June 2015 update defined such as a remnant of the American colonial government during the early 20th century, which "continues to thrive as an important medium of communication in education, literature, science, business, government and diplomacy."

Not to get too bookish with its meaning, "Philippine English" was the result of Pinoys embracing some parts of the English language and making it their own. These terms—referring to persons, places, and almost anything about the Philippine way of life—may have been used and thrown around in the country for quite some time now, but it wasn't until recently that the OED officially recognized and recorded them.

While most of us can't get that record-breaking 1.004 GWA, who doesn't want to stay sharp and brag a little to their friends by being in the know of such educational things?

Here we list down the top 10 most Pinoy "Philippine English" words from the dictionary's latest batch of Philippine additions, including our own definition for each:



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OED definition: "Of a clock or watch: indicating a time ahead of the correct time."

FHM definition: Doesn't matter; still late


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 OED definition: "A member of the same graduation class as another; a classmate. Also in extended use."

FHM definition: That hot girl from the other class you're crushing on.


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OED definition: "A person who steals a motor vehicle; a car thief."

FHM definition: An all-grown-up batang hamog


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OED definition: "A room in a public building or workplace furnished with amenities such as facilities for resting, personal hygiene, and storage of personal items (now rare); (later) a public toilet (now chiefly Philippine English)."

FHM definition: "Where you go do number one and two."


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OED definition: "More fully despedida party; a social event honoring someone who is about to depart on a journey or leave an organization; a going-away party."

FHM definition: Sandamakmak na alak!


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OED definition: "A kitchen where everyday cooking is done by household staff, as distinct from a kitchen that is purely for show or for special use by the owner of the house."

FHM definition: A messier bodega that smells like a ton of used cooking oil.


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OED definition: "A night out with friends."

FHM definition: A time to get wasted.


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OED definition: "‘Kaniya-kaniyang bayad,’ literally ‘each one pays their own’, used especially to indicate that the cost of a meal is to be shared. Also as adjective."

FHM definition: It's nobody's birthday!


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OED definition: "A person who is a likely or confirmed candidate for president."

FHM definition: (Likely) Sen. Grace Poe, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Sec. Mar Roxas, or (confirmed) Vice President Jejomar Binay.


OED definition: "To apprehend and execute (a suspected criminal) without trial."

FHM definition: A (very) gruesome way to die (and a solid excuse not to do anything bad again).


For the full list of new "Philippine English" words, which also featured a number of Tagalog terms, click here.

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