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11 Packing Tips For The Guy On The Go

It doesn't need to be complicated
by Mars Salazar | Apr 8, 2016
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One of the worst parts of going on a trip is all the packing you have to do. We usually pack at the very last minute, and we end up stuffing the first pile of clean clothes we see in our bags and making a complete mess of our rooms along the way. Oh, and we always seem to forget something super important, like sunblock, underwear, or cellphone chargers. For your bakasyon engrade this year, make your packing process more efficient with these tips:

1) Fold your clothes.

Don’t just cram them haphazardly in your bag. Take the time to fold them one by one into small bundles before placing them into your bag, and your clothes will stay neat and organized upon arrival. We like the KonMari method for folding clothes—once you master it, you can’t help but feel all grown up.

2) Use organizers.

Small pouches, like your girlfriend’s makeup kits, help you keep track of your small things and toiletries. Packing cubes, meanwhile, help your clothes stay organized while keeping your things compact.

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3) Stuff your socks.

Roll up your socks and place them inside the shoes that go inside your luggage. This trick not only saves space, but also helps maintain your shoes’ form (no bending or creasing!).

4) Extra baggage helps.

Don’t cram all your things in one giant backpack or suitcase. Place your wallet, shades, passport, and other day-to-day essentials in a smaller, portable sling bag or backpack, and pack one of those foldable canvas bags in your luggage in case your things don’t fit in your main bag anymore.

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5) Make a list.

It’s easier to pack when you actually know what you’re supposed to be packing. Write down everything you need to bring to your trip, from the amount of underwear you’ll bring to your toiletries, and tick them off as you put them in your bag.


6) Outfit repeating is OK.

You don’t have to pack a fresh outfit for every day of your trip, especially when your getaway spans several weeks. Trust us, when you’re traveling, no one will care if you wear the same pair of shorts two days in a row, or if you’ve been wearing the same jeans for three weeks. And when your clothes are already stinky, remember that we’re already in the 21st century, where washing machines and laundry services are readily available wherever you go!

7) Downsize everything.

Travel-sized stuff, especially toiletries, are great for easy packing. Not only will this free up precious space in your bag, but it’ll also save you the hassle of having to toss your large, almost-full bottles at the airport.

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8) Seal potential mess-makers.

Tape shut everything in your luggage that has the capacity to make a mess, such as powders, toothpaste, and liquid toiletries. If you leave them in your bag as is, you’re bound to have hair gel and shampoo smeared all over your clothes.

 Ditch the towel.

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Most hotels and other accommodation options usually provide towels, giving you the option to leave your giant bath towel at home. If you’re roughing it out, pack a chamois—it’s portable, super absorbent, and quick-drying. But don’t use the same one you use for your car, okay?

10) Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on.

There’s a slim chance that something will happen to your luggage during your travels, but the possibility is still there nonetheless. Pack a complete set of clothes—underwear, shirt, shorts—in your carry-on bag so you won’t be a total lost cause in case your checked-in bags get lost.

 Know the weather.

You’ll be amazed at how so many people pack for a trip, only to find out that their clothes are not at all appropriate for the weather in their destination. Check the weather forecast at your destination before you pick your outfits so you’ll know if you should throw in a hoodie along with your beach gear!

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