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Pacman's House is on MTV Cribs!

<p>Welcome to the good life</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 7, 2011
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It comes to us as no surprise that Manny Pacquiao is a genuine high roller, with annual earnings estimating at about $42 million. [firstpara]

And this is the money he earns from boxing and pay-per-view buys alone. Manny’s local and overseas endorsements are another thing, all of which are major deals lucrative enough to sustain him for the next gazillion years.

Bottom line is he’s got enough moolah (in dollars, mind you) to live the good life. To be particular, a life in Los Angeles.

MTV Cribs, a TV show that gives viewers a quick tour to catch a glimpse of what celebrity homes are like, featured Manny Pacquiao and his enormous 4,500 square-foot, 5-bedroom crib in Los Angeles, California. Last weekend, the Youtube clip went viral on the internet.

“Hi I’m Manny Pacquiao. Come into my crib,” says Manny. First shown are his boxing paraphernalia, sports trophies, and honors given to him by the AFP and the state of California.

Portraits of his wife and kids are also a common occurrence in his living room wall, while photos of Manny battling it out with various opponents flood his staircase. The dining room, as refined as it looks, is eclipsed by a painting of Manny giving thanks to the Man upstairs.

Pacman’s marble-made kitchen isn’t any different from any Hollywood celebrity’s, but his refrigerator is a sight to behold – a stack of energy drinks and a high bundle of frozen meat. Man clearly needs his protein.

His backyard is fit for a beautiful Sunday afternoon: a swimming pool with its very own fireplace aside from the ones he has upstairs in the master’s bedroom, which by the way, has a bathroom so spacious we can almost do an entire babe shoot in it.

Manny also had his kids’ room thematically designed for their liking. Two colors for the girls' room because “One is princess and one is queen. Different color for queen and princess,” he adds.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about Jinkee and the kids. Notice how Manny tends to talk a lot more about family pictures than his king-sized properties. “The pictures of my kids, they are handsome.” Like only a proud dad would say.

Good to know Pacman’s putting his hard-earned money to good use. And unlike some Philippine military generals, Manny’s actually proud to display it for everyone to see. Without further ado, check out Manny's mansion on an MTV Cribs episode below:

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