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Paintball game gets out of hand

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| May 28, 2008
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My cousins, friends and I had agreed to play paintball and capture it on video to make it look like a real war. Our team won the first round but lost the second round. So the third round was where the real war began, at the end of which we won. But unknown to us, the owner had confronted a person in the area, which resulted in a chase. My cousins ran to stop the owner from chasing the person, but after a while the person came back charging with a lot of “resbak,” one of them even holding a sumpak (a man-made gun). The owner suddenly went out with his own handgun and began pointing it at his adversaries. The person with the sumpak fired away. My cousin, who was at the back of the owner to stop him, suddenly ran back and moved to safety, afraid of being hit. When I looked behind, only my friend and I were outside the house. The worst part was, when the police arrived, the onlookers claimed that we were part of the conflict and were siding with the owner. We ended up in the police station to prove our innocence.

Aji, by email

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