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Pasta Face

<p>Drunk? Take your cue from these inebriated souls</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 30, 2010
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One night at a party, a classmate dominated the conversation with his all-out rants. Bored, I walked away and got myself some pasta. I noticed while I was eating that the guy was still at it, mouthing off loudly and complaining about everything. His antics started to annoy me. I didn’t know if my irritation was because of the alcohol, but the more he talked the more I found him unbearable.
Twenty minutes later, the sight of him still talking finally got to me. That was when I picked up my bowl of steaming tomato-based pasta, walked toward his direction and rammed it into his face.
Of course he got angry and challenged me to a fight after seeing me laughing nonstop. But our other friends quickly pulled him aside to calm him down. I knew what I did was uncalled for. My consolation was I shut him up.
A.D.D., by email

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