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Why We Want Our Own Love Story With The Woman Behind 'Kath & Vince'

As the story continues to unfold, the identity of its creator has slowly been revealed. (And boy is she pretty!)
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 20, 2016
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Surely, one way or another, you've stumbled upon the viral love story of Kath & Vince.

The fictional tale of these two textmates-turned-lovers has slowly crept into online consciousness, thanks to its identifiable characters and overall ka-cheesy-han.

Give credit to the Facebook page administrator of Life and Social Media, Queen Elly, who apparently came up with this online romance novel of sorts about a college beauty queen and a varsity player.

As the story continues to unfold, the identity of its creator has slowly been revealed—especially after a recent ABS-CBN News feature.

Unsurprisingly, Queen Elly is just a pseudonym for 21-year-old mom Jenny Ruth Almocera, who came up with the hit love story while browsing her phone one nostalgic morning.

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Whoa, there. Seeing her just tickled our fancy on how Kath might actually look like...


Besides having a creative mind and a pretty face, Jenny also has some serious vocal chops, having been the champion of a talent search when she was still studying. Although it was her knack for composing short stories that really introduced her to the public.

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If you think what inspired Jenny to cook up such a whimsical love story were her personal heartaches, you're dead wrong.

"Galing 'yong story sa mga random people na nakilala ko sa buhay ko. Simula noong college ako, sa mga kaibigan, sa mga umiyak sa akin, sa mga kilig moments nila," she said of the Kath & Vince saga. "Lahat ng mga kwentong napakilig at napaiyak ako, 'yon ang naging inspiration ko."

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In fact, Jenny is happily attached with someone she met three years ago. Fittingly, the lucky dude was her inspiration for Vince's character.

"Isu-surprise niya ako bigla sa work na may dalang maraming bulaklak tapos magtitilian 'yung mga kasama ko dahil talagang sweet siya," she narrated. "Kung anong gusto mong kainin, ihahanda niya talaga. Kahit ayaw niya."

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As for their own "happy ending" (read: getting married), Jenny said "that will come soon."

Well, there goes ours...


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