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Petition Asking United Airlines CEO To Resign Gains Ground

It now has over 40,000 signatures
by Andrei Medina | Apr 12, 2017
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A petition demanding for the resignation of United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz has received massive international support following the manhandling of a passenger that went viral online.

The appeal, which was created by Eugene Belinski from Minnesota, demanded Munoz to vacate his post since his actions were apparently endangering the safety of the passengers.

“Under Oscar Munoz's watch, United Airlines employees forcibly and violently removed a doctor from United flight UA3411. Despite the doctor's insistence that he needed to be at a hospital the next day to attend to patients, security officers forcibly pulled the doctor from his seat and to the floor of the cabin. His face was slammed against his arm rest, which broke off of the seat. He can be seen bleeding from his mouth as he is dragged down the aisle,” Belinski said.

The petition also cited another United Airlines incident two weeks ago where two teen girls were forced off a flight for wearing leggings.

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So far, it has over 40,000 signatories of the 50,000 target supporters just a day after it was launched.


This was in response to a viral incident, where a video of a man being forcefully dragged away by security personnel from his airplane seat like a slaughtered animal triggered the outrage of netizens.

The man is reportedly Dr. David Dao, a doctor from Kentucky who refused to get bumped from his flight after United Airlines decided to boot him out due to overbooking.

According to the New York Times, United Airlines initially asked passengers to voluntarily vacate their seats in exchange for a $1,000 compensation but no one was interested in their offer.
This was when they randomly chose four passengers to be evicted so their employees could take the slots.

Here’s how Dr. Dao was forced out of his seat. He initially screamed in protest, but was easily overpowered as fellow passengers watched in shock due to the inhumane treatment they were witnessing.

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Here’s another angle of the same incident.

Another video was posted after the scuffle, showing Dr. Dao visibly shaken while he mindlessly mumbled “just kill me” repeatedly as fresh blood flowed down his mouth.

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Dr. Dao is currently recuperating in a hospital in Chicago. United Airlines for its part has since apologized for the upsetting incident.

However, netizens took this as a non-apology and slammed Munoz even further, which forced him to issue a carefully worded second apology, where he promised to make things right.

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The practice of overbooking is reportedly common in the US as airlines use this method to ensure maximum profit for every flight.


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