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8 Reasons Why Christmas Is More Fun In The Philippines

These weird worldwide Christmas traditions will have you thanking you're Pinoy!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 23, 2013
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The reality is that we aren't the most progressive nation in the world.

Yet that hasn't stopped us from being some of the happiest. Come hell or high water, we've always managed to persevere, smile, and hold on to hope. Especially during Christmas. While the Philippines is a third-world country, no one can argue that a Philippine Christmas is just ultra-fun. Endless reunions with familiies, inuman with old pals, Christmas parties with everyone including the tricycle drivers—we know how to have fun during Christmas!

But if you need more proof why Pinoy Christmas is the best, how about you check our list below of how December 25 is celebrated in other countries. You'll see that we actually have a lot to be thankful for! Below is a range of reasons--from the practical to the bizarre—that say Christmas is more fun in the Philippines!

Merry Christmas, FHM Nation!

1) In Japan, KFC is their version of the Noche Buena

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Wait, what? Yes, thanks to a marketing campaign back when the fastfood chain landed in the land of the rising sun, Colonel's Chicken has become the gold standard of a Christmas dinner in the supposedly tradition-strict nation.

Thanks, but no thanks: While we love the fastfood chicken, a good old Pinoy Noche Buena with ham, hotdog in tinapay, and sopas and nilaga can't be beat!

2) No need to cut down pine trees!

In Western nations, it is common to cut down pine trees to serve as their Christms trees. We say, screw that. With the amount of inuman and eating we have to do, it's a good thing that the nearest living pine tree is hundreds of kilometers away tucked neatly in Baguio!

3) No kissing under the mistletoe!

Who says that we can only kiss under a damned leaf? We're kissing wherever we want to. Okay, okay, we're being arrogant and unrealistic. Given our limited diskarte skills, this is one tradition that we could have really put to good use!

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4) In Italy, they don't have a Santa Claus

Instead they have someone a lot like Santa Claus, but not exactly. They have what is called "La Befana," a witch who flies on a broom, delivering the goods on the eve of Epiphany Day, which is usually on—and this is the deal-breaker—January 6! Ang tagal!

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