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Phoemela Baranda is FHM's February 2014 Cover Girl!

And she's so naked on the cover!
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 29, 2014
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No more beating around the bush; this time around, we give it to you straight: Phoemela Baranda is FHM's February 2014 cover girl!

And she's so naked on the cover! Check it out:

Phoemele Baranda

Admit it, you can't help but stare at this FHM third-timer (she graced our pages back in November '04 and June '06)! And if there's one thing we learned about working with her again—aside from the fact that a decade can't dent this supermodel—it's that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Welcome back, Phoem!

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So is she as psyched about this as we are? "I'm so excited! We even shot two different sets—one for online and one for the magazine," she tells us. "[I'm gracing your pages again just now because] it's important that I have a team that I trust. And of course, it's FHM naman, it's my third time and I hope people will still love it. Not just like, but love!"

Oh, dear: We don't just love it; we're in love with it.

Aside from drowning in Phoem, the other awesome things we did in this month's issue include: stated our case as to why motorcycles will soon rule the world, hooked up with rising funnyman Albert "Betong" Sumaya Jr., figured out whether your tongue is better than your finger when it comes to foreplay, and paid homage to all the cougars who made our world go round, among others.

Our February 2014 issue is now available in supermarkets, newsstands, and bookstores everywhere! Grab a copy now! Digital copies will soon be available for download at

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And since we know you want a peek of our new issue, click here to check out our exclusive video teaser!

Now hit the gallery below for a sneak peek at Phoem's FHM cover photos! Yay! 

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