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Even Yolanda Can't Stop Us From Ballin'!

More proof that we're a basketball-crazy nation!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 21, 2013
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Yo, Yolanda! Even if you laid waste to the Visayas and made the past week gloomy for millions of people, there's one thing you didn't take away from us: our passion to play ball!

So, even if your super typhoon winds did this:

playing basketball in yolanda's aftermathRomeo Ranoco / Reuters

...we'll still rise, ball in hand, and troop to the nearest kanto to play some hoops!

You don't need more proof than the photos we have in the gallery below. Taken during and after the attack of different bagyos including Yolanda and Ondoy, they tell us one thing: When the shitstorm has passed, we'll be ready with our tsinelas to play some basketball, despite how crappy the court has become. That's how much a happy bunch we are!

Check out more proof our love for b-ball below! Here's to hoping our recovery from this tragedy will be as fast as our response when our homies drop by to ask us to play a game!

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