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7 Odd Photos Of Wedding Photographers That Will Make You LOL

All for the love of capturing love
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 30, 2016
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A number of photos featuring wedding photographers in funny situations have been circulating online for the past few days. They're not funny for the sake of being funny, but for the bizarre way in which they capture those seemingly perfect and romantic photos.

They incorporate strange moves in trying to get the shots they want, rolling on the ground like a ninja or taking a ride on their assistants' shoulders just to get a perfect shot. To illustrate these better, we have a few shots here you'd want to see for a good laugh.

Anything for a good angle

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Dude, you're ruining the dress!

Now this is what you call trust

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Was manspreading really necessary?


We'd love to see the outcome of this photo

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Very hard job!

When the assistant forgets the ladder

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Here's the best one though: Earlier this year, a photographer named Nguyen Dinh An became an Internet sensation after he was filmed moonwalking and jumping like an action movie star while capturing photos for customers.

All for the love of capturing love in photographs, we reckon. 


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