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Meet The Pinoy Brick Master Behind Official Lego Voltron Set

Let's Go Voltron Force!
by Andrei Medina | Aug 5, 2017
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A Pinoy software architect’s Lego Idea project has been turned into reality after getting massive fan support for his brick version of Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

Leandro Tayag’s Lego Ideas set, which features the 5 Lions that combine to form Voltron, is based on the popular ‘80s anime show. Lego gave the greenlight to produce it as an official set after it garnered 10,000 votes from the Lego community.

Now residing in Malaysia, Leandro, told Lego that his Voltron set—consisting of over 2,100 brick pieces—was inspired by his genuine love for robots since his childhood days.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Super Robots from the 70s/80s," Leandro says. "My parents bought a Voltron toy for me when I was a child and I have been hooked on it ever since.”

Aside from Voltron, he’s a fan of other popular robot series such as Voltes V and Transformers, which are well-loved by Pinoys fans.


But building a Lego project of this magnitude wasn’t all fun and games. Leandro shares he mostly spent two hours each night improving on its design and found the process frustrating at times.  

“The challenging part was getting the details right," Leandro says. "I can’t remember how many times I redesigned the lion heads, trying to make them look as close as possible to how they were in the anime/cartoon. The lion legs were also a pain since I had to make sure they are able to fold nicely when combined as Voltron as well as look good enough in their lion forms.”

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Finally, here’s some advice from Leandro to fellow brick fans: “There is no right or wrong in terms of the projects you can submit. Take your time. Patience and thinking out of the box helps a lot. You can learn a lot from the community of builders. Join different MOC (My Own Creation) forums or FB groups. There are a number of technics and styles that you can learn from different MOCs. Browse thru them and experiment. Have fun!”

The Lego Ideas program lets members of the Lego community upload their projects online. A project that reaches 10,000 votes gets forwarded for review. Once given the go, it becomes an official Lego set available for retail purchase the next year.


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