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Pinoy Cosplayers Transform Into Real-Life Heroes To Fight Injustice

Will you answer the call?
by Andrei Medina | Sep 21, 2017
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You don’t need Spider-sense, a suit of technologically advanced armor, or the Batmobile to be a hero.

This is what a community of cosplayers is proving by transforming into real-life superheroes with the 'A Hero’s Call' initiative. This movement seeks to inspire others to be their own hero by standing up against the injustices in our society.

“It doesn’t matter who you are; if you have a voice & a passion, you can use it for good. We're standing by our favorite heroes & speaking up for justice,” the group’s statement reads.

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The group also encourages the public to call out the government for the recent issues of national interest that have become a source of controversy.

“The Darkest Night has come. Villains have risen to the highest positions in the land. Children are dying on our streets. Murderers and plunderers are being set free without so much as a slap on the wrist. And the value of our human rights has been diminished to the point where the institutions that protect them are deemed expendable,” they said.

“But we can still bring about the Brightest Day. In times of great darkness, heroes arise to shine their light on the shadows that surround us. And they need our help.” they added.


Some cosplayers have already answered the call and posed as their favorite superheroes and pop culture characters like Spider-Man, Jedi, and the Green Ranger among others.

But you don’t have to be a professional cosplayer to join. All you have to do is follow these guidelines:
1. Take your portrait in costume against a solid colored background.
2. Messages must be legibly and clearly written on a 1/4 illustration board.
3. You can submit photos via PM to our page, or you can post your photo on your own wall and use our hashtag “#answerthecallPH
4. It’s about the message! Make sure your poses do not cover your placard.
5. Avoid attacking. Heroes set a good example. Motivate, but don’t dismiss the facts.

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“We invite everyone who still believes in justice to suit up, raise their wands, ignite their lightsabers, and join the fight," the group stated. "SHIELD or Hydra, Stark or Lannister, DA or Death Eater, Jedi or Sith – it doesn’t matter who you are. The world needs everyone to become heroes, heroes who will stand together and let their voices be heard. We need heroes who will make a stand for what’s right.” 

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