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#AyunNamanPala: 9 Petty Pinoy Mysteries, Explained!

Join <em>FHM</em> as we try to find an answer to some of life's unanswered questions!
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 19, 2014
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Most Filipinos would rather not ask questions they don't want to hear the answer to. What the hell is our government doing with our tax money? What's the deal with the never-ending traffic? And why is our transportation system incredibly bad? You really can't blame Pinoys for brushing stuff like these off. It's depressing.

Maybe we should just forget about it and channel our curiosity somewhere else. How about Jollibee's sexual orientation? Or why cats always seem to land on their feet? Or if those metal detectors at the mall really work? You know, mysteries Pinoys have been dying to solve at every inuman. Beats thinking about our economy, right?

Join FHM as we try to find an answer to some of life's unanswered questions! 

Pinoy Mystery #1: Bakit hindi pwedeng maligo pagkatapos magpahilot?

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FHM Answers: According to Dr. Bibiano Fajardo, a renowned albularyo, it has everything to do with temperature. "Maantala kasi ang proseso ng pagpapagaling," he revealed to As Dr. Fajardo explained, after a massage, all our cold muscles warm up, while the hot muscles return to normal temperature. Water, on the other hand, hampers this process, which is why people are advised to wait several hours before taking a bath.

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Pinoy Mystery #2:
Bakit nakaangat ang hood ng ibang taxi?

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 FHM Answers: These cabs are actually Toyota Vios models (which cabbies also call "Batman"), and there's a good reason why a lot of them are running with their hood slightly opened. Many taxi drivers claim that the car has an engine temperature problem, and the solution—outside of changing to a bigger radiator—is to pop the hood open. Whatever keeps your car from dying in the middle of EDSA, right?

Pinoy Mystery #3: Gumagana ba talaga yung mga metal detector ng mga sekyu sa mall?

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FHM Answers: A Pinoy netizen on Yahoo! Answers once asked: "Why do they put metal detectors in mall entrances when they just keep on making sounds?" To which a user, named tranquil, responded: "The metal detectors are only there to provide a feeling of security. It's all about the marketing. If the guards thoroughly search each bag, the line will pile up and they might lose customers."

To add to that, we ask this: Have you ever been searched after a metal detector beeped (supposedly to signal the discovery of metal) after being placed beside your bag? No? Let's just leave it at that.

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