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The Pinoy Photoshop Master Troll Strikes Again!

Never ask the Internet for free service.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jun 24, 2015
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Not all of us are Photoshop masters who can turn ordinary pictures into incredible works of art.

It's a good thing then that we can always ask Mystica the Internet and our fellow netizens for help—or so we thought. Enter the web's cruelest pranksters, the Photoshop Trolls!

Remember this guy?

Photo via

Maybe this can help...

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This online pranking practice soon found its way to local social media, producing equally hilarious memes. We're particularly fascinated with the "creations" of a master troll named BJ Bernales. His MO is simple: wait for people asking for "free edits," feast on their photos, reply. The way he "interprets" his customers-victims requests is where the inanities begin. And the rest, as that overused saying goes, is online comedy history!

Check out some of his recent works below!

An advice to anyone soliciting help online: The phrase "kayo na bahala" isn't an ideal service instruction.

We told you so.

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Either he's an Archangel fan or a Mulawin diehard...

Well, not anymore.

This one got us laughing hard for around 20 minutes.

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Another advice when asking for free work online: Don't ask for the stars!

So many stars!

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So you want to star in your own Jurassic World?

Here you go:

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WHAT?! You want a what?


Some people are just asking for it...

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Good thing our master troll is generous with his time

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How To Fake A Grand Vacay Tip #1: Hire an Asian Photoshop master with skill level 999999.

Tip #2: Make sure he's not a troll.

No collection of Pinoy photos should end without a jump shot!

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We 'memba that!

Uy, si Tinky Winky!

Know more Pinoy Photoshop trolls? Send their works our way through our Facebook page and!

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