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Pinoy Allegedly Owns World Record For Most Lit Candles Extinguished By...Farting

It has yet to be approved by the Guinness World Records though.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 15, 2016
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So while we were busy living our everyday lives, an event of explosive proportions traveled around the Internet.

Apparently, one of our kababayans had set a world-record for the most lit-candles extinguished by...wait for it...farting!



On June 13, 2014, a certain Gerard Jessie from IloIlo was reported to have put off five lit candles through flatulence. While it may not be the most attractive and classiest way of doing it, it got him the world record for blowing out candles by using, erm, natural gas. It was awarded and documented by the website


However, the feat has yet to be officially listed on the Guinness Book of World Records as reported by According to a Guinness representative, no such record exists and therefore is not recognized by Guinness

Still, easy on the kamote, bro!


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