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Pinoys Are Having Fun With This New Seagull Meme

by Andrei Medina | Sep 28, 2017
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Remember the annoying trash doves meme, otherwise known as the head-banging purple pigeon? Thankfully, it died down, but it apparently has a new successor with the inhaling seagull.

According to Know Your Meme, the inhaling seagull was created from original content that dates way back to 2012. The 10-second video shows a seagull seemingly laughing hard at something.

Fast forward to this month, Redditor MasterMooper posted the first entry of the inhaling seagull meme in one of the sections of the popular social media platform Reddit. It then became widely used, mostly for song lyrics with the panel after the inhaling part becoming the punchline.

Here’s the desired effect:

Needless to say, the seagull meme has evolved into other variants. Here are some of the versions Pinoys can relate to:

When parents go all nagger mode

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Swift would be proud


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Go UP!

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Punyeta pa more

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Good luck!

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