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Planet Woman: Sexy Cat Ladies Special!

Cats are some of the cutest things on the Internet. Their owners? Even cuter.
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 6, 2013
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These furry, four-pawed wonders have been stealing our thunder since they invaded the Internet. Infinitely cuter than most of us, nothing we do can ever match the charms of this evil, evil creature. With one meow, with a simple piano keystroke, with an accidental fall from the bed, the ease with which they tug on women's heartstrings is incredible—and leaves us dudes baffled.

Ever tried intentionally falling off the bed to make pa-cute to your girl? Didn't work, did it? That's because you're not a cat.

So, in FHM's Valerie Bangs Garcia-fronted October issue we tried to understand this enemy by coming out with a special feature on cats, their quirks, and the popular types of cats that your ladylove may, sooner or later, adopt. And oh, we also had FHM Babes Jem Milton, Apple Angeles, and Kates Ocampo, posing with their cats and with little on.

You'll see these three babes once again, and a couple other cat ladies in the gallery below--all talking more about them pussycats, because this, right here, is Planet Woman: Cat Ladies Edition!


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