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Planet Woman: What Makes a Great Date?

Valentine girls explain their ideal date
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 21, 2012
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We remember Valentines Day 2012 like it was only a week ago: Eager dudes with a bouquet of roses, ecstatic ladies with a bouquet of roses, humbled single dudes with buckets of beers, and feisty single ladies with glasses of margarita (okay, sorry, cliche). Traffic was terrible, cabs were hard to come by, fancy restaurants can barely accommodate, and motel joints were fully booked (another cliche).

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But more than anything, we just went through what could possibly be the last Valentines Day ever. Cupid could be wiped off altogether next year, and we didn't even do anything remotely significant about it. We've always wanted our last date to be a blast. Go on a bang. Sparkle with fireworks. We just want another chance at an awesome V-day date, is all.

So in an effort to do good should we get one more chance at a Valentines Day, we will take note of what women like seeing on a date this time.

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