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Planet Woman: Where Would You Spend Your Last Day on Earth?

Plan ahead, sirs and madams!
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 21, 2012
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In line with this month's theme for our FHM End of the World special, we came up with a sentimental query for our Planet Woman survey: If the world will indeed end on December 2012, where would you want to spend your last day on earth?

We here at the FHM HQ have a few options in mind - hang out with our bestest of buddies in a beerhouse and chug 'em bottles like there's no tomorrow, weep alone in a dark and empty room, foolishly hide in our underground fortresses with hopes of making it alive, and several more, none of which make any sense compared to the ladies who gave the finest answers in this month's survey. Hit the gallery below!

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