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WAR OF WORDS: PNoy and Binay Spokesmen's Head-Scratching 'Beki-Speak' Exchange

We can't wait for the next episode!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 10, 2015
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It all started when President Noynoy Aquino blurted out an "Eh di wow" during his sixth and last-ever State of the Nation Address.

The dreaded three-word expression was PNoy's retort to critics, whom he said are averse to his "Daang Matuwid" platform.

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What the prez didn't know was that his shoddy attempt at keeping up with the times would result to a whole lot of rhetorical ridiculousness, thanks to a couple of eloquent spokesmen.

With that in mind, let's take a look back at the entertaining-yet-preposterous exchange of tirades between presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda and Office of the Vice President media affairs head Joey Salgado, and try to figure what local politics has come to these days (at least verbally)...

After Vice President Jejomar Binay hit back with his own "true" SONA, wherein he took a swipe at the administration's alleged inadequacies, Lacierda was prepared with this colloquial comeback:

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Coming to the veep's defense was Salgado, who seemed to have no plans of backing down from a colorful dialogue:

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And if you thought that highly-educating exchange would end there, Lacierda started another fire thru a separate Facebook post, rambling about the VP's statement about dictatorship, particularly on lifting a politician's term limitations:

Not one to budge, Salgado appeared as if he was waiting for Lacierda to make another move and immediately sounded off his rebuttal (in 1,025-words), with its last two words obviously meant to end the beef:

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