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'Pokemon GO' Woes: Solon Blames It For Traffic Hell, Priest Wary Of Players, And School Bans Game

Pocket monsters are cute but reality bites
by F. Valencia | Aug 17, 2016
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It goes without saying that not everyone is entertained by Pokemon GO.

Though he hasn't exactly called for a ban on the hottest game of the moment, Albay Rep. Joey Salceda thinks the game has just added to Metro Manila's already-hellish traffic situation. reports that Salceda was decrying "the knee-jerk reaction of bureaucrats to festering traffic-related problems" and their "simplistic solution of banning provincial bus terminals on EDSA."

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Salceda said, "Pokemon-playing in private cars poses more threat of aggravation to Metro Manila traffic than provincial buses. 'Dahan-dahan, may Pikachu dito.' 'Itabi mo sandali, may lures dito.'  If you are rich enough to maintain a private car, you must be rich enough to buy yourself and your kids an Android, iPad, or iPhone. Multiply that by the 2.5 million cars in Metro Manila."


But while Salceda abhors the presence of Pokemon GO players in transit, Fr. Ronel Taboso—the parish priest of the Sto. Niño Church in Tacloban City, Leyte—is likewise not exactly happy with the increasing number of Pokemon GO players visiting the church. Apparently, the Sto. Niño Church has two Pokestops on its premises.

In a statement, Taboso addressed the Pokemon GO players, saying, "They should use their time and energy productively and not waste their precious time. They should go to church for the right reasons."

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Taboso may have forgiven the Pokemon GO players for disrupting the solemn atmosphere of the church, but the administrators of the Xavier School aren't keen on letting it into their turf. An ABS-CBN News feature reveals that school officials have imposed a total Pokemon GO ban on their premises, which also happens to have two Pokestops.

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The school's administrators made their anti-Pokemon GO stand plain when they announced, "We would like to remind all faculty, staff, and students that a 'no gaming' policy is in force at Xavier School. Visitors in search of Pokestops are not welcome."


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