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WTF News: This Poop-Powered Flamethrower Produces 30-Foot Flames!

Did you know that poop has the potential to bring fiery (and smelly) justice?!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 29, 2014
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We think we've found the best device to complement the big-ass fart machine that was all over the news last week: a poop-powered flamethrower!

Created by Nick Klein, a DIY guy who developed a fetish for an interest in alternative fuels when he was young, the flamethrower runs on no other thanget this!rabbit manure! Who would've thought those furry creatures could produce something really scary.

poop-powered flamethrowerGIF via

Apparently, rabbit poop becomes flammable when processed the right way. Our man Nick says that "to weaponize rabbit manure, we should grind it to a fine powder." This allows oxygen (the main ingredient in fire) to mix well with the stuff, making for a more fiery substance. Think of it as a natural form of gunpowder, only this time around it's from Bugs Bunny.

Then, methane gas will be added to the mix. Another pile of rabbit manure will be combined with water, and bacteria will be allowed to feast on the mixture, producing methane gas in the process. It will be used to fuel the flamethrower, with the powder serving as the main flammable material.

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poop-powered flamethrower

Speaking of the flamethrower itself, there's no word on the materials used to build it, although it sure looks like another DIY creation composed mainly of sturdy plastic and metal. And when it's fired using poop power, be prepared to witness flames up to 30 feet long! Yowzah!

Poop might bring you the giggles, but Nick created this flamethrower with a noble aim in mind: protect his family and property. We're pretty sure the sight of 30-foot flames will be more than enough to do the trick. Smelly and fiery justice, FTW!

Want your own poop-powered contraption? Maybe you can learn a thing or two from the video below on how Nick developed his one-of-a-kind fuel:

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