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Pope Francis' Manila Visit Was Almost Perfect, But These People Sort Of Ruined It!

The pope's Manila visit turned out to be perfect, wasn't it? Well, almost. To be honest, there were certain things we wish didn't happen...
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 20, 2015
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Pope Francis coming over will go down as one of the most significant events in our country's rich history. This is the kind of stuff that deserves to be passed down to the next generation and beyond. Thank you, Santo Papa, for the gift that is your presence! We Pinoys truly needed it.

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The pope's Manila visit turned out to be perfect, wasn't it? Well, almost. To be honest, we could probably do without the following news bits...

There's President Aquino, who berated the Filipino Catholic leaders in front of Pope Francis during his speech in Malacañang last Friday, January 16. He could have talked about love and unity and gratitude, but politics somehow took over. That's the last thing the pope wants to hear!

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There's Marlene Aguilar, who called the pope "kampon ng dilim" in a recent Facebook post. Marlene, who refers to herself as "She Dragon," has been posting videos and articles on her page that claim the pontiff is involved in Satanic rituals. Someone hasn't been taking her meds.

There's the mass emcee in Luneta Park, who made a variety show out of a solemn event by blatantly telling the crowd to sing along and do a "Francis wave" as the pope went around on the popemobile. To his defense, the emcee was merely trying to get a lively reaction from everyone. Still, a bit inappropriate.

And then there were these three pranksters, who were arrested by the police for cracking jokes about a bomb while on their way to attend the pope's mass in Luneta. As they went through the checkpoint, one of them was heard saying, "Hey, I've got a bomb. Why didn't you detect it?" The other two then joked about carrying guns. Ugh, kids.


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There's this private plane, which skidded off the runway of the Daniel Z. Romualdez airport in Tacloban City upon its takeoff last Saturday, January 17.  The aircraft, which was carrying several cabinet members, allegedly veered off course as it was about to take off from the runway. Good thing no one was hurt—it could have easily been the pope's plane!

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