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Pranks Gone Wrong: What Not To Do on April Fools!

Not everyone can take a joke
by Trisha Fernandez and Mikey Agulto | Mar 31, 2014
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Just in case you're not aware, April 1 na bukas! You do know what's up, right? Happy April Fools!

We know it's exciting, but before you do anything, we highly suggest that you check yourself before you wreck yourself. There are still etiquettes when it comes to these things, you know. Is your potential victim physically and emotionally capable of taking a practical joke? Are you ready to suffer the consequences? More importantly, are you sure nobody's going to get fired, jailed, or killed for the prank you're about to pull off?

We're telling you, these things are a lot trickier than they appear. So think twice before you prank somebody, okay? We know the fools you're about to see below didn't, and look where it got them.

So what do you not do on a day like April Fools? Read on:

Never put together an obvious prank.
You either put up or shut up. Even the victim doesn't want to see a half-assed prank. If you don’t want a failed attempt, make sure your victim doesn't see it coming. You only get to legitimately do this once a year; might as well make it count!

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