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Premarital Sex And The Other Wild Things The Pinoy Youth Are Doing Now

Still wondering if that 20-year-old cutie you&rsquo;re putting <em>da moves</em> on is a virgin? You'll be surprised at how advanced Pinoy youth are when it comes to sex!
by Cia Juan | Apr 23, 2014
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Still wondering if that 20-year-old cutie you’re putting da moves on is a virgin? Here’s one shocking fact about our religious country: More than half (54 percent) of Filipnos aged 20 to 24 have had premarital sex. That's according to the 2013 Young Adult Fertility Survey (YAFS), a government-funded nationwide sex study of Filipino youth, particularly those aged 15-24, that came out last February.

YAFS gathered data from all regions, religions (Catholic, Christian, Iglesia Ni Kristo, Muslims, etc.), and backgrounds (in-school, out-of-school, PMIs [Pahinga Muna Anak], and MassComs [Mas Kumportable Sa Bahay]) in the country.

"How about the younger ones?” you ask? We’ll have you know that most of them lose their V-card in high school. And oh, do you happen to be from Quezon City, Manila, Mandaluyong, Makati, or Pasig? Congratulations, you’re from the top five cities with the most cases of AIDS! Konting ingat lang, ma-L ka pa naman!

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These and other juicy facts we’ve summarized for you in the infographic below:

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